Why choose an ELN fully integrated with research modules?

When an ELN is integrated with other modules tailored to the needs of researchers, it creates a coherent and interconnected research ecosystem.

Integration with other specialized modules such as sample management, molecular biology software or antibody/protein software enables experimental data to be captured and stored directly in the ELN. This simplifies the collection, organization and retrieval of information, avoiding the dispersal of data across multiple platforms. An ELN integrated with other modules eases data management and enhances collaboration. Complementary modules promote collaboration between researchers by enabling data to be shared instantly and securely. For example, teams can work simultaneously on projects, comment on results and access relevant information from different locations, improving communication and productivity.

The research workflow is optimized and secured. The integration of specialized modules with ELN enables the creation of customized workflows for specific processes. This simplifies repetitive tasks, reduces human error and speeds up the search process, improving overall efficiency. In addition, it enables complete traceability of data, samples and experiments. This facilitates compliance with regulatory standards and good laboratory practice, as all information is recorded and can be traced in the event of an audit or validation.

In short, integrating an ELN with modules tailored to the specific needs of researchers creates a more efficient, collaborative research environment, and ensures data consistency and traceability, helping to improve the quality of research results. Check our ELN, Yu-Note, which can be fully integrated with our multiple modules depending on your needs:

        - Yu-Store: to track samples and consumables

        - Molecular Biology tools: to build plasmid and analyse Sanger sequences

        - Protein tools: to build and register proteins, track their production process in teal time.

        - Yu-Project: to organize your results by project, draw Gantt' charts etc

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