Lab Inventory Management



Use YU-STORE to register, find and share samples and consumables quantities and usage with colleagues.     

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Say goodbye to stock shortages, lost samples or chaotic information within multiple excel files. 

Thanks to YU-STORE, stocks and samples are shared with collaborators in a more care-free work environment.

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Ease samples management  


 Record and track samples : plasmid preps, protein batches, glycerol stocks, cells and more. 

 Create material categories as needed

 Never lose a vial: location can be precisely described and position in box is visualized

 Find easily a sample, using name, alias, date, project or any registered  characteristics.

 Split batches in multiple aliquots and keep control.

 Track deliveries and remaining volumes.

Track products from suppliers to avoid stock-outs!

 Inventory of commercial products (consumables, reagents,...)

 Full tracking of all stocks transactions: receipt, delivery, update, usage

 Localize products or consumables in storage rooms, freezers, etc

 Sub-stocks can be reserved to specific projets (cost centers)

 Alerts on minimal stock threshold/expiry date

 Register and associate security information

 Re-ordering facilitated

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Full suite to digitalize procurement and stocks: 

Yu-Store is connected to the greatest Belgian e-Procurement platform for Life Sciences: BIPP.

All the suppliers are localized in one marketplace so you can compare price and availability. When an order is placed, products are directly sent to Yu-Store where you can monitor the order (planned, received, stored).

Fields automatically imported from BIPP:

 Product and associated packaging and units (items, ml, mg, etc) 

 Supplier and manufacturer names and catalog numbers

 Expected date/ reception date

 Projects, cost centers

 Price, etc...

The power of a relational database

 Linking all samples to a project allows a quick overview of the steps achieved. 
 Powerful search and navigation engine across all the database.

 Link between elements that derive from each other, for example a recombinant bacterial clone is linked to the plasmid used for transformation. Full lineage is generated automatically.

 Trace the history of a sample : date of creation, creator, construct name, volume, deliveries, ELN reference, etc.

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Yu-STORE's power is enhanced when used with other  modules developed by Yubsis:


Electronic laboratory Notebook to register, organise, secure and share                               data.                                 

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Protein modules

Register protein sequence, track expression hosts and protein production. Perform antibody selection.

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Molecular Biology

Register plasmid map, perform in   silico cloning, track batches and              Sanger sequencing analysis.              

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Project Management

      Monitor project timelines in real                             time.                                                                                                        

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