Which modules should I choose?

  • Are you looking for an electronic laboratory notebook ? YU-NOTE is  for you.

  • Are you tired to look into multiple excel files to find information on your samples ? YU-STORE w ill help you localise and find all the information on your samples.

  • Are you looking for a molecular biology tool ? YU-DESIGN  verifies your cloning processes, YU-CLONE  registers plasmid preps and glycerol stocks, analyses sequencing results. Are you more into synthetic biology? YU-GOLDEN GATE  deals with all insert combinations and creates multiple plasmid maps in a few clicks!

  • Are you working with a lot of protein sequences ? YU-PROTEIN  will help you register all your proteins, align them with an expected format. YU-PRODUCE  tracks protein production  (cell lines, expression and purification conditions).

  • Are you screening a lot of antibodies ? YU-SELECT  will help you choose the best clones, re-array them in plates,  reformat the best clones in few clicks to simplify scientists work. 

All these modules are linked to a project management module, YU-PROJECT, to ease project management. 

All our applications are fully integrated, so you can browse from DNA sequences to proteins, from sample location to your notebook... as easy as it sounds. Hosting services are provided by Yubsis, so everything is accessible online ! 

If you want to discover more about Yubsis' philosophy and its commitments, check this page!

Adapt and choose the modules your R&D teams need.