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You can choose our 8 applications to benefit from a complete solution and enjoy all the links between the different objects in your database, or you can pick only the applications depending on the key needs of your team to optimise your digitalization. For example, if you don’t do any plasmid design yourself, you may not need the Yu-Design module. Contact us for a specific offer containing only the modules that you are actually going to use.

 Full Customization

We can adapt the already existing applications to your needs by adding some specific fields or create from scratch new applications. 

Cloud or on-site installation 

Yubsis provides hosting services, which consist of servers that are physically located in France, hosted by our partner Ikoula and managed by Yubsis. Each customer benefits from a specific database. Yubsis is following the official ANSSI recommendations to state-of-the-art secure our servers against intrusions and organize daily database backups. Yu-Note can also be installed on a server managed by the customer.

Our solutions can also be installed on a Linux server  within your own IT-infrastructure. Yubsis keeps an access for system administration, such as regular upgrades. We can adapt our offer to fit your specific situation and requirements. 

Success packages

Support packages (typically 10 hours of support, 1300 €) are available for helping our customers to get started with the system or for customization. This time can be used for user training, to configure groups with specific rights, help you with historical data import, implement your business and data workflows in the system. We can go even deeper in the  customization of the system and add new features.

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