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Our solutions are designed for every group of scientists willing to improve real-time teamwork, optimize performance and accelerate innovation.
Pierre-François Berne  • CEO

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We  will assist you throughout the transition to a well-organized digital world for your laboratory data. 

As researchers ourselves, we develop specialized tools for biology.

We offer secure solutions to optimize data collection, organization and tracking. Data can easily be modified, shared in real time to improve interaction with your teammates through our user-friendly software.

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Eight ready-to-use different applications can already help you.


ELN & Sample Storage

Yu-Note, our Electronic Laboratory Notebook connects to our storage module so you can easily track related sample information.         


From Molecular Biology to Protein

Register all your plasmid maps, simulate your cloning, analyse your sequencing data results and link and follow protein information and production.


Custom Digitalization

None of our ready-to-use apps are the answer to your needs? Contact us for custom development and integration.