What are the first digital tools to acquire for a young biotech company?

When you start a new biotech company, it is sometimes difficult to know where to start and which software to acquire first. Here are some advice and good reflexes :

A collaboration platform: it is important to invest in online collaboration tools to facilitate teamwork and communication between company members regardless their location. Depending on your activity the priority can be to acquire a project management software to plan and coordinate projects, or more specific business software like software dedicated to data analysis. In science, adequate data analysis tools help scientists interpret results to make informed decision. For examples, it will be essential to acquire :

        - an electronic laboratory notebook (ELN) for any biotech company doing research.        

        - FACS analysis software for a team working with flow cytometry,

        - molecular biology software for a team working with plasmids, clones etc

        - protein software for team working on protein production or antibody selection

        - sample management software to record the history of each sample, track their use, the remaining quantities etc.  

If your company needs several of these software pieces, it is even better if they are fully integrated, so that you have a performing collaborative research environment which ensures data consistency and traceability (read the article : Why choose an ELN fully integrated with other research modules?)

Of course, the IT security is essential. For each entity where data are stored (server, software databases etc, make sure the security measures are robust to protect sensitive data and confidential company information. 

For company offering services, it is also important to acquire a CRM (Customer relationship Management) platform to track customers interactions, manage leads and develop long term relationships. Your online presence will also be critical: the development of a website and relevant social networks promote products and scientific advances. If you have some time left, digital marketing tools such as SEO, e-mail marketing help targeting and reach the audience. Some solutions gather all these marketing tools in one solution to help you increase your efficiency and visibility to drive growth. 

Later, when your company is already well structured, it may be worthwhile to digitalize purchasing. We recommend BIPP, an e-procurement digital platform connected to our Yu-Store module, which helps organize and track sample and consumable. 

Why choose an ELN fully integrated with research modules?