ELN features

Trace lab activities in a secure web based platform.

Odoo • A picture with a caption
Odoo • Image and Text


'Word'-like and 'Excel'-like written interface

Create or paste tables

Drag and drop images

Link files related to your experiments

Choose participants and share experiments with your colleagues

Attached protocols (SOPs) which have been used

Link materials and equipement used

Share experiment templates.

Secured data

To secure your intellectual property, experiments can be signed with electronic signature.

Choose writters, participants, reviewers.

Trace actions thanks to an audit trail which record processes step by step.

Export and print at any time the PDF report of your experiments.
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Odoo • Image and Text

Yu-ELN connected to Yumatix

As an option, Yubsis offers to connect Yu-Note to Yumatix to optimize data sharing with a bidirectionnal faculty.

Indicate in your Note the plasmid maps, glycerol stocks, plasmid preps, protein batches direcly link to Yumatix or enter data in Yumatix and send it to Yu-Note in the expriment of you choice.