DNA suite  to design and track your plasmids 

Design and register your plasmids, verify your cloning process and analyse sequencing data.

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Odoo - Sample 1 for three columns

o  Import your plasmid in .gb format or copy paste your DNA sequence

o  Automatic annotation of features based on pre-registered sequences

o  Personnalize plasmid map view: choose to show ORFs, primers, restriction site

Design your plasmids

Sequence visualization of circular and linear DNA

Customize view : preferred set of enzymes, features, primers for PCR and sequencing, ORFs

Adapt origin, edit sequence (deletions, additions, substitutions) without errors

Use automatic annotations : specific sequences are automatically recognized as plasmid features

Link plasmids to project, and all derived products such as plasmid preps, glycerols stocks, cells, proteins, aliquots, etc.


Odoo • Text and Image

Linear visualization of DNA sequence.  Restriction enzyme sites are colored in red. Primers and features are indicated above and below DNA sequence, respectively.

Odoo • Image and Text


Verify cloning process and avoid errors

Cloning processes can be simulated to avoid errors. Inserts may come from plasmid restriction, DNA synthesis, or PCR amplification.

Available cloning options: classical ligation, infusion, yeast recombination, Golden Gate.

Automatic creation of the new plasmid molecule.

Create a preferred sets of enzymes that can be used for several plasmids.

 Keep history of your constructs

Analyze sequencing data

Gather all your primers in the same tab and automatically find information such as melting temperature, GC content, length, molecular weight, and more.

Find in one click if you already have adequate primers in your lab. Yumatix helps you in the design of additional primers.

Compare sequencing results to theoretical plasmid . Yumatix helps in the identification of mismatches and enables manual correction if necessary.

Automatic filling of  'status of analysis', depending on sequencing results (invalidated, partial, validated)