High-Throughput & Robotics

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High-throughput sequencing

Import of sequencing reaction results. Several import modes are offered depending to your needs.

Upload up to 96 sequencing reactions in .abi format in one click. 

Upload several sequencing reactions belonging to the same plasmid at once.

Upload several sequencing reactions belonging to different known plasmids at once. Yumatix automatically connects corresponding plasmids. 


Odoo • Text and Image

Choose how to upload sequencing data.
Odoo • Image and Text

Import data in bulk in .xls or .csv files.

Easy plate design and visualization.

Easy tracking of the remaining volumes.

96-well plate

Plate plan with display of well label (display can be changed to plasmid name, well name, clone ID, volume, etc)

Automatic registration of data. As examples, automatic annotation of plasmids features, automatic computation of molecular weight, size, GC content and more, for plasmids and inserts.

Automatic link between a plasmid and its cloning experiments and plasmid prep.



Interface with robotics

Yumatix can adapt to any robotic system by exporting the required information (typically sample volumes for liquid handlers), giving you the capacity to increase experimental scale and enhance your productivity.

Yumatix can import data from plate readers and integrate them properly in the database.

Odoo • Text and Image