Cutting-edge tools to generate thousands of plasmids using Golden Gate cloning

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MoClo (Modular Cloning)

Yumatix helps you to work with MoClo toolkit standards, such as the classic MoClo tool kit, CIDAR MoClo parts, MoClo yeast tool kit, MoClo Plants tool kit and MoClo Pichia tool kit.

Yumatix enables you to design your own standard, with the personalization of fusion sites and assembly models. Consistency of your standard  is verified automatically.


Odoo • Text and Image

Adapt modular cloning to your own needs. Choose your fusion sites and your typeII S restriction sites. 
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Listed here are all the plasmids containing DNA sequence with acct and tact fusion sites and BsaI type IIS restriction sites.

Automatic identification of Golden Gate parts in your plasmid molecules

Get in one click all the parts compatible with specific fusion sites and type IIS restriction enzyme.

Get in one click all  the compatible acceptor vectors. 


Combinatorial in-silico cloning

Yumatix verifies and creates all the plasmids molecules you desire in few clicks.

They are ready to be sent to your favorite pipetting robot.

Odoo • Text and Image

In silico cloning of 5 parts (HF, HC, HG, HD and HE) present in different plasmids.