Yu-Note :

The Electronic Laboratory Notebook

by Yubsis

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Researcher friendly

Yu-Note is intuitive and easy. Researchers can write their experiments using rich text and illustrate them with images and tables. As former researchers, our goal is to provide our customers with the tools to easily share and store their experimentation history and keep on with their good laboratory notebook practices.

Facilitates teamwork

The main author can assign roles to his colleagues : co-author, reviewer, witness, etc and can decide to whom he wants to make each experiment visible, facilitating information sharing in the organization.

Templates & Protocols

Yu-Note is also a database for experiment templates and for protocols, allowing everyone to gain time when writing a new experiment and to share best writing and experimental practices.


Data digitalization

Get rid of old-fashioned physical notebooks that needed to be securely stored and archived ! With Yu-Note, the precious knowledge of an organization is fully digital, is secured and always accessible. 

Data security

Yubsis provides hosting services, which consist of servers that are physically located in France, hosted by our partner Ikoula and managed by Yubsis. Each customer benefits from a specific database. Yubsis is following the official ANSSI recommendations to state-of-the-art secure our servers against intrusions and organize daily database backups. Yu-Note can also be installed on a server managed by the customer.

Digital workflow

The digital workflow of Yu-Note allows tracking of experiments status from creation, through writing, review, author’s and witnesses’ signatures and final timestamp, including sending emails to participants to notify expected actions.

Secured IP

For IP purposes, the legal validity of your electronic documentation is critical. Within Yu-Note, we have built several layers of control in order to attest the validity of your research findings : user authentication, strict control of user rights, electronic signature process that results in a final pdf file, timestamping of the pdf, audit-trail capturing each step of the workflow.

Fully yours

As long as you subscribe to Yu-Note, you can use the software to create new experiments and keep them organized in a customer-owned database. You can make your own copies of all your experiments in pdf format, accompanied by their digital timestamps that will remain valid even if you stop your research activities and do not need Yu-Note any longer.


Synergy with Yumatix

Last but not least, researchers using both Yumatix and Yu-Note benefit from their seamless integration. Updating research data in Yumatix results in straightforward export to Yu-Note in a fully customizable format. This avoid errors and duplication of entries.