Solutions  adapted to your needs


We can  adapt our solutions and conditions to  your particular requirements.



Yumatix is available as an All-in-one version, but you can also subscribe to separate sub-modules. For example, if you don’t do any plasmid design yourself, you may not need the Design module. Contact us for a  specific offer containing only the modules that you are actually going to use.


  Success packages

Support packages (typically 10 hours of support, 1300 €) are available for helping our customers to get started with the system or for customization. This time can be used for user training, to configure groups with specific rights, help you with historical data import, implement your business and data workflows in the system. We can go even deeper in the customization of the system (add new features).

   On-site installation

Our solutions can be installed on a Linux server within your own IT-infrastructure. Yubsis keeps an access for system administration, such as regular upgrades. We can adapt our offer to fit your specific situation and requirements.